Florida Certified Sales Tax Audit 

Established in cooperation with the Florida Institute of CPAs and the Florida Department of Revenue (DOR), the Certified Audit Program was created to increase voluntary compliance by taxpayers, and is a true form of privatization. 

Under the Certified Audit Program, taxpayers are able to hire specifically trained and DOR-approved CPA firms to conduct sales, use and local-option tax audits in accordance with DOR standards and the technical standards of the CPA profession. We utilize our widespread knowledge coupled with years of professional experience to develop unique strategies tailored to meet each client’s specific needs. 

We enable companies to benefit from the Certified Audit Program by saving you time and money. Brand Tax Group encourages business entities to participate in this voluntary program. Some strong incentives have been built into the program. For example, taxpayers participating in the Certified Audit Program receive: 

  • Waiver of all penalties 
  • Waiver of first $25,000 of interest plus 25% of all interest in excess of $25,000 
  • An approved certified audit report that closes the taxpayer from any further audits by the DOR for the period and the tax that was audited 
  • A deduction for CPA fees as an ordinary business expense versus nondeductible penalties for income tax purposes 
  • A business has the ability to schedule the certified audit at its convenience 

Sales Tax Audit Assistance 

Are you currently undergoing an audit for state and local taxes? We have the experience and relationships to expedite this process as quickly as possible. We also provide a thorough examination of all audit work papers in order to reduce your assessment as much as possible. 

Audit defense may be performed either at an hourly or for a performance-based fee. If a performance based fee is elected and we do not reduce your assessment, we will not charge you for our services or expenses. If we do discover tax benefits, our fee will be one third of the ultimate tax reductions that your company receives as a result of the tax benefits that we discover. 

We understand that your staff is busy with other tasks. Accordingly, we focus on your specific needs and have designed our process to maximize the tax benefits to your company, while minimizing intrusions on staff resources. However, we will need your assistance and cooperation to obtain necessary data and documentation in order to complete this project successfully. 

State Tax Services 

When a company is expanding into new markets, and consequently, new state and local tax jurisdictions, there is the potential that additional registration and compliance in these jurisdictions may be necessary. We are here to help. 

We ensure that our clients are not only compliant with the myriad of seemingly inconsistent laws and rules, but are also taking advantage of every opportunity to reduce state and local tax burdens. Through years of experience and acquired knowledge in the industry, we do our utmost to make sure that our clients obtain overall success. 

Through our refund analysis services, we perform a thorough review of current and past tax practices to identify potential tax over-payments, and then works with the applicable jurisdiction to secure refunds. 

With our extensive knowledge and experience in the tax and accounting industry, our professionals utilize their professional acquired skills, and carefully analyze each client's distinctive tax practice in order to ensure that each receives the optimal outcome regarding their yearly tax work.

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